About FF

Still from One Wash design fiction movieI am a fairly impatient person and stuff just ain’t happening fast enough for me. I have the feeling we’ve been chatting about big changes in fashion for years. And I don’t mean whether to wear skinny pants or hotpants; issues like sustainability, durability, technology and interaction have been hot topics for quite a while. And of course stuff happens, but changes in the fashion industry just happen slowly. I really couldn’t wait for things to be different anymore, I wanted to see a radical future come alive now.

So I decided just to make it so.

Fashion Futures aims to make tangible and real what could be. It does not want to create ‘more-of-the-same-but-slightly-different’ but show you what fundamentally different solutions would look and feel like. We use prototypes and products to speculate on the future of fashion. You could call it design fiction (I didn’t come up with this term: Bruce Sterling did, a few years back), which is a form of ‘speculative design’.

These prototypes and visions of the future are so real they allow the viewer to experience a future scenario, as if it was already here. This experience helps suspend disbelief and can change our perception of the world as it is. Fashion Futures wants to use this opening up of possibilities to inspire radical change and help shape the future.

In the near future Fashion Futures will open up to subscriptions for quarterly releases of prototypes and scenario’s to help companies and fashion forward professionals stay on top of the game, and even… change the rules.

For more information please mail to info@fashionfutures.org.


Anke Jongejan