Article on Speculative Design in new book

For this new book, produced and edited by Marina Toeters of , I wrote an article on speculative fashion design in the Netherlands. The book explores what the future of fashion could look like if technological advances and innovations were embraced by the fashion industry. In total eight authors from fashion design, science, theory and fashion tech give their perspective on the challenges in the industry and explore alternatives. 50 pioneering projects, among which my One Wash project, are showcased to illustrate their point.

In the article “From Design Fiction to Design Future” I discuss the barriers to systems change in fashion and how speculative design can play a part in bringing sustainable ideas and innovations closer to reality. Through work by e.g. Daan Roosegaarde, Karin Vlug I look at how idealism and near-future thinking influence Dutch speculative design, leading to a strong presence of ‘functional fictions’ in the field.

The book is for sale at Onomatopee for €24.