Material Science and Design Fiction

Yes! Together with TUe (Technical University Eindhoven) Fashion Futures secured a KIEM grant through NWO. In partnership with and Aiming Better we’ll be exploring scenario’s for the application of short-life materials in fashion until the end of October 2015.

Exploring possible scenario's for the use of shirt life materials in fashion

Each partner brings his own expertise to the table: interaction designers, fashion designers, textile experts and material scientists will be part of the project. It is called Material Science and Design Fiction because of its focus on using future prototyping to bring different specialties together to help facilitate innovation in fashion.

Together we’ll explore how short-life garments could be used and what materials it should be made of. We’ll also look into innovative production techniques and gather user feedback. Fashion Futures will use Design Fiction to make the scenario and use tangible and real for an audience of industry and consumers.