One Wash at Dutch Design Week

One Wash in Circular City at DDW15

We closed off the Material Science and Design Fiction project with the launch of One Wash at DDW. In a tiny exhibition space at Circular City in Eindhoven we crammed a small explainer about Design Fiction, some prototypes, a lovely process book with research, fabric samples and experiments, and of course: the movie.

We showed a one minute fashion film (by Gerald van der Kaap) that lets the viewer experience what short life fasAnke Jongejan presents One Wash at DDW15hion will feel and look like.

Anke did a presentation during the week, highlighting the projects’ approach and results, at the Next Fashion section of the DRIVE festival.

During the presentation we gave a short background on fast fashion and the need to match product lifecycle of a garment with its consumption cycle. After that we introduced the scenario of short life garments disappearing during laundry. The movie was shown to demonstrate how Design Fiction can be used to facilitate collaboration and enable clear communication between the fashion industry and material scientists. The movie sparked a lot of discussion.